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I'm using jQuery Validation Engine (and a special thanks for their developers). Ok the problem is the following: I need to make a group of fields required, only if at least 1 of them is filled.

I've added the following code inside _validateField function:

case "ifOneAllGroupRequired":  
// Check is its the first of group, if not, reload validation with first field
// AND continue normal validation on present field
var classGroup = "["+options.validateAttribute+"*=" +rules[i + 1] +"]";

errorMsg = methods._ifOneAllGroupRequired(field, rules, i, options);
if(errorMsg) { required = true; }
options.showArrow = false;

and made the next function:

_ifOneAllGroupRequired: function(field, rules, i, options) {
var classGroup = "["+options.validateAttribute+"*=" +rules[i + 1] +"]";
var isValid = 0 , getTotal = 0;

// Check all fields from the group
    getTotal++;     // count all the fields
    if(! methods._required($(this), rules, i, options) ){
        isValid++;  // count the fields filled

// if at least 1 is filled and the other arent launch error
if( isValid != getTotal && isValid != 0 ) return options.allrules[rules[i]].alertText;
// if they are, clean all errors
else field.closest("form").find(classGroup).validationEngine('hide');

I got this working, the problem is that the error gets on top of every field and not on the first like the "groupRequired" option (default on validationEngine)

I have no clue and to do a turn around. Any ideas?

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I partially understand your issue, could you provide a screenshot ? also did you try this flag doNotShowAllErrosOnSubmit: true –  Olivier Refalo May 29 '12 at 16:03
Hi Olivier Refalo, I've managed to solve, to be honest, don't remember how... Anyway, thanks for the answer! ;) –  XicoXperto Jun 2 '12 at 22:05

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