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There are a couple of Linux distros I'd like to install alongside my Windows 7 installation. I initially installed Backtrack side-by-side my Windows install successfully with defaulted settings (foolishly, I know), which automatically allocated 80 GB of my available Windows partition to that distro. It also installed Grub.

I can live with that so long as it would be possible to take some of that allocated 80 GB towards another Linux distro, Matriux so that I could triple boot. However, after installing Backtrack, Grub will no longer allow me to boot from my CD media. It starts to read the disc, but then Grub kicks in and wants me to choose between my Windows 7 OS and my Backtrack distro.

Now, I've scoured the web trying to find a solution and the following suggestions are repeatedly stated but will not work for me.

1) Replace CD/DVD drive: I know my CD/DVD drive is fine, I can load any disc without fail in any given, running OS/Distribution environment. I have loaded Matriux in a virtual environment from the CD as well which leads me to the second suggestion...

2) It's got to be a bad disc/burned iso: No, because I have booted from my burned disc successfully in the virtual environment and even successfully installed it in this virtual environment. The disc/iso I'm using is fine.

3) Check BIOS to make sure disc is default boot method: I've done this, and I've even selected to immediately boot from the disc drive as well from within my BIOS settings. No dice.

I feel like... if Grub wasn't managing my boot options, everything would be fine. I know I can restore the Windows boot loader by repairing it with a Windows installation disc, but I believe it also removes my Backtrack distro (given the circumstances, it might actually be the better choice...), but I was hoping there was a way I could just proceed on without any further complications and just install my Matriux distribution with Backtrack and Windows 7. Any advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated... thank you :)

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I would suggest options like this: Since you cant boot a cd, the fix boot commands wont work:

C:\> BOOTCFG /rebuild

This is a linux way to do it, from: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-how-to-uninstall-grub/

Another option is to use a USB and put the tools on it, this link is excellent: http://www.raymond.cc/blog/installing-windows-7-system-recovery-into-usb-flash-drive/ Then you can use the fixmbr commands, if it will boot from the usb!

Tell us how it goes!

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Thank you for your suggestion! I was able to restore the Windows bootloader and remove Grub without a hitch. I've removed Backtrack 5 so that I have a 100 GB partition floating out there where I can attempt to put Matriux and Backtrack 5 on, but I want to get Matriux on first because that is the distro I seem to be having a huge problem with. If I can get that to even run on my unit (for some reason, it just keeps "fatal erroring out"), then I believe I can run Backtrack 5 side-by-side with it inside that partition. And thank you for answering and not simply shunning my question away. –  Newwisdom01 May 21 '12 at 17:57
You are very welcome, I always like to help where ever I can :) I had a similar problem before, and had to figure out how to fix it :P May I ask which method worked for you? P.S: I removed whoever gave that worthless and unnecessary -1 :) –  SteveLacy May 23 '12 at 23:06

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