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i was wondering if it was possible to get the domain url ie

localhost or myapp.heroku.com

from an initializer file?

i believe the


and the request methods only work in controllers. is there an equivalent to the javascript


that i could do in an initializer file? or could i embed the .rb file with javascript? or other alternatives to the request object?

ive tried a number of things that don't work such as


and am having trouble trying to figure it out.

thank you = )

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Can you write what you want to achieve so we could suggest an laternative solution? –  moritz May 21 '12 at 9:49

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Something like:

require 'socket'

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hmm i when i try that, i get a bunch of random numbers like 45b636d4-2820-481b-bf44-d2546bb804fe –  Sasha May 21 '12 at 3:59
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i just changed one of my apps to a staging environment. i couldn't get the socket to work.

heroku config:add RAILS_ENV=staging --app myapp-staging
heroku config:add RACK_ENV=staging --app myapp-staging

and then i made a staging.rb file inside my environments folder (i just copied and pasted everything from my production file) and rails was able to infer the method


in my initializer

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