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I have a JSON file with parsed data stored in a @colors instance variable, as follows:

[{:color=>"red", :value=>"#f00"} {:color=>"green", :value=>"#0f0"} {:color=>"blue", :value=>"#00f"} {:color=>"cyan", :value=>"#0ff"} {:color=>"magenta", :value=>"#f0f"} {:color=>"yellow", :value=>"#ff0"} {:color=>"black", :value=>"#000"}]

Now I want to iterate through this output to create a table in a view where there is


When I derive another instance variable like this --

@even_colors = @colors.values_at(* {|i| i.even?}).map(&:values)

I get an array of arrays consisting of every other color/value pair

[["red", "#f00"], ["blue", "#00f"], ["magenta", "#f0f"], ["black", "#000"]]

But what I want to create two separate arrays, one consisting only of the color names indicated by :color (red, blue, etc.) and the other consisting of just the hexs indicated by :value (#f00, #00f, etc.). I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks ...

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You could do it with two passes through @colors:

names = { |h| h[:color] }
hexes = { |h| h[:value] }

Or you could it with on pass:

parts = @colors.each_with_object({ :names => [ ], :hexes => [ ]}) do |h, parts|

then look at parts[:names] for the color names and parts[:hexes] for the hex values.

I don't really see why you want to split @colors up though, you could produce your table straight from@colors:

    <% @colors.each do |h| %>
        <tr><td><%= h[:color] %></td><td><%= h[:value] %></td></tr>
    <% end %>

Breaking @colors into two arrays seems like busy-work to me.

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Thanks! You're right, I did not need two arrays. Your second suggestion works perfectly. I've seen this syntax before I guess I still haven't internalized it! – drollwit May 21 '12 at 16:43

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