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I am working on IPhone app in which I connect my app to Facebook and I am showing the list of my Facebook friends in tableview. I want to select my 1 friend and send invitation to him to download my app and play with me and if he has that app than I just send him to notification to start the game.I search so much for it in stack overflow and I have get "Hackbook"code but this thing isn't present in it and I search other site but I didn't get proper solution. Please help me.

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See the Facebook iOs tutorial, heading "Integrating with Social Channels". You can use the Request Dialog feature to enable a user to send requests to friends. Here are some screen shots (heading "Requests") of how the Request Dialog looks like to sender and receiver. These screen shots are from the iOs Hackbook which includes a Request Dialog.

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I didn't get my solution plz send me code of it.But except hackbook –  user1369291 May 22 '12 at 4:18

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