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I have two tables:

Person(personID, name, phone, email);
Relation(child_personID, parent_playerID);

The relationship table helps identify children and their parent but to do this the personID from the person table has to be referenced twice as foreign. How exactly would I go about doing this?

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Could look something like this.

create table Person
  personID int primary key,
  name varchar(50),
  phone varchar(50),
  email varchar(50)

create table Relation
  child_personID int references Person(personID),
  parent_playerID int references Person(personID),
  primary key (child_personID, parent_playerID)
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So will this return records from the relation table, no matter which column the match is on? –  holaSenor Jun 6 '12 at 15:43
Not sure what you mean. This is the table structure with foreign key constraints that makes sure you don't add rows to relation table that does not have a related row in Person. To return rows you need a query and what rows that query returns depends on how you write your query. –  Mikael Eriksson Jun 6 '12 at 15:48

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