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I'm trying to change the source of an image at run time in order to change the image after it is tapped. Thus far, the code I have below seems to result in the image turning blank.

BitmapImage imgSource = 
            new BitmapImage(new Uri("/PivotApp1;component/Images/halfstar.png"));
image1.Source = imgSource;

Is there something special that needs to be done to change a resource image at run time? I've tried searching through google, however, thus far each similar situation has resulted in a blank image. I thought maybe the source uri was wrong, but I've ruled that out as not being the cause since this is the uri when the default image is loaded.

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Tell that the URI is Relative

BitmapImage imgSource = new BitmapImage(
          new Uri("/PivotApp1;component/Images/halfstar.png", UriKind.Relative));


Try setting source to null before assigning you ImageSource

image1.Source = null;
image1.Source = imgSource;
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Thanks, that worked. I guess it needed to have the UriKind.Relative thrown in. –  Euthyphro May 21 '12 at 6:34
Thanks to you. Glad I could help you. –  Nikhil Agrawal May 21 '12 at 6:39

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