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When i try to get an access_token from plurk API i recive "Bad Request 40007:missing request token"

I create curl request like in example on plurk Docs

$params = array( "oauth_consumer_key"=>"xxxxxx", "oauth_nonce"=>md5(time()), "oauth_signature_method"=>"HMAC-SHA1", "oauth_signature"=>$sig, "oauth_timestamp"=>time(), "oauth_version"=>"1.0", "oauth_token"=>$request->getParameter("oauth_token"), "oauth_verifier"=>$request->getParameter("oauth_verifier"),

        $url = "http://www.plurk.com/OAuth/access_token";

        $res = Common::getCurlRequest($url, $params);

i cant understand whot is the "request token" means.

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The http://www.plurk.com/OAuth/access_token url is for exchanging a Request Token for an Access Token.

So you should either have a Request Token that you submit here, or use a different url if you're not at the token exchange phase.

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Erik, thx. Yes a have request token. $request->getParameter("oauth_token") - it is an request token. I do the last step for exchanging tokens - you right. –  Roman Swaroge May 21 '12 at 6:41
Ah, seems right according to Plurk docs. Are you sure that $request->getParameter("oauth_token") contains a value? –  Erik Bakker May 21 '12 at 13:49

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