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I have a Win32 application, and there are some animiation UI in my application, to make the animiation more smooth, I called timeBeginPeriod to improve the time resolution, but I found the system clock will delay some seconds if my application is running very long time. Does the timeBeginPeriod affect the system clock?

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Good question. I didn't know this but yes it can. According to MSDN: "Use caution when calling timeBeginPeriod, as frequent calls can significantly affect the system clock, system power usage, and the scheduler."

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A call to timeBeginPeriod changes the systems interrupt period. As a consequence the update rate and the update increment of the system time changes accordingly. This answer proves a closer look at system time and timeBeginPeriod.

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Very detailed and informative answer you linked to, thanks for pointing me to it –  Basic Oct 19 '13 at 16:01

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