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Today I changed the wordpress theme of my blog but the table, td style in the theme style file is messing up the whole Google custom results. I know one solution is to remove all those styles from the file and let Google use its own style. But I also want to keep those for the tables which I occasionally use in my posts.

Can anyone help me how to keep the existing table, td style of my theme while forcing the Google custom search engine to ignore these classes and load its own??

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for example you set TD class like this

.td_class { background-color:red}

you can add the class name to your table and set td_class as child class

.table_class {}
.table_class .td_class {background:red}

EDIT if you don't want to change each tables classes , you can do it on-the-fly with jQuery Selectors for example your code is like this :

 <div id="MainDiv">
 //goole code here // separated from MainDiv

you can use this code to change table's class

$(#MainDiv table).each(function(){
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Thanks for the answer. In this way I'll have to edit every table which I have ever created. won't I? –  Aamir Usman May 23 '12 at 5:00
check the update –  Mironline May 23 '12 at 7:08

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