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Is there a quick way to position a ui control (such as bottom center or top center)? Right now I routinely set the frame of the UIcontrol or UIView subclass to position them but would like to know if I can avoid doing calculation just to centralize a control.

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You can set a view's center property to the center property of the parent if you want it centered. That does not set it's width and height though.

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No, iPhone OS only supports "Struts and Springs" layout.

But you could easily create category methods that do this for you:

- (void)positionAtTopCenterOfSuperView;
- (void)positionAtCenterOfSuperView;
- (void)positionAtBottomCenterOfSuperView;

These are pretty trivial to write, but will save you time in the future. In fact I think I might make this category myself.

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