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I am interested in scanning only a particular set of frequencies for a particular time interval (this is different from scanning interval in android api). Is there any high level api


user to kernel space communication interfaces, mechanisms (sysfs,iotctl,mmap etc.) (in a rooted device) that can allow me to specify the set of frequencies to be scanned for a particular interval of time. If I understand correctly the device supplicant carries this information?

Would very much appreciate if anyone can point me in right direction.

Thanks in advance!!

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Did you ever find anything? I'm looking for something along these lines as well. –  Atma Jun 14 '12 at 0:19

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See my answer on android.sx. Basically, install iw on your device and then call:

iw dev wlan0 scan freq 2417

However, I do not know how this interacts with the supplicant/connection manager. We use it to measure RSSI only.

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