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Could you please correct the mistake I make here while calling http delete. I get InternalServerError with no further explanation.

The same call works fine on FireFox RESTClient plugin.

Sample RestClient

require "rest_client"
data= {"name" => "foo"}
res = RestClient.delete(url, data.to_json)

Throws: /lib/restclient/request.rb:72:in process_url_params': undefined methoddelete_if' for # (NoMethodError)

Sample net/http

http = Net::HTTP.new('some ip valid', port)
headers = {'Content-Type' => 'application/json'}
data = {"name" => "foo"}
resp, data = http.delete(path, headers)

Throws: Net::HTTP InternalserverError

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I was having this issue and got it working by removing the json data part.

def doRestDelete(url, values)
    puts "URL: ",  url
    jsonValues = values.to_json
    puts jsonValues
        raw = RestClient.delete url # removed this bit --->  , jsonValues
        puts raw
    rescue => e
    return JSON.parse(raw)
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