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I have been looking online for localization of error messages and labels of pyramid forms but so far without any luck. I have worked on both pyramid_simpleform and pyramid_deform. Has anyone worked on something similiar. The docs are not much of help.

The example given on this page does not work for me.

I also tried the docs of pyramid_deform and pyramid_simpleform.

I do not care which form library I use. I want something that has straightforward support for localization.

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This is what has worked for me.

   from pyramid.i18n import get_locale_name
   from pyramid_simpleform import Form,State
   from formencode import api as formencode_api
   def includeme(config):
     config.add_route('login', '/login')

   def login(request):


     form = Form(request,
     form.state._ = ''
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I was so frustrated that I gave up and started working with wtforms. I will try the solution, thanks a lot man –  Ranjith Jun 12 '12 at 1:18
No problem, you're welcome. I also had trouble trying to find a solution for this since the docs don't help that much. Please confirm if it worked for you. –  webjunkie Jun 12 '12 at 13:27

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