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Iam trying to position a control at the centre of a web page depending on the resolution of the page.

The left property I am assigning it in a css class and adding it as follows- Style class-

   border:2px solid #CCC;
   border-radius: 4px 4px 0 0;

oPanel.addStyleClass("PanelStyle");//oPanel is my control.

This is working perfectly fine.But Instead of hard coding the pixel value for left property I want to assign it dynamically depending on the resolution .For which I am doing something like below

var leftoffset = Math.floor($(window).width()-400)/2+ "px";//400 is my control width
leftoffset = leftoffset.toString(); 
oPanel.style.left=leftoffset ;  

But this is not reflected in the web page.

I also tried simply adding the left property value without calculation like

oPanel.style.cssText="left : 100px";        

but no use. Kindly tell me why inline object.style.left/object.style.cssText=cssString is not working here?

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note that leftoffset.toString() is redundant as the expression is evaluated as string upon concatenation (.../2 + "px"). –  Eliran Malka May 21 '12 at 8:00

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Try like this:


or if '400' is your control's width, then:

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