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I'm working on a project in which I need to implement a barcode scanner, and now I think I'll be needed a little help.

The short description of my setup is:

  • List item
  • I have 8 cameras connected to a PC.
  • I need to be able to detect if the picture from any of the cameras contains a barcode.
  • The images change quite fast, so I need to be able to recognize the barcode within 5ms (or determine that the image does not contain a barcode).
  • Images from the cameras are 1024x768 black/white.
  • I do not know the location, size or orietation of the barcode (if any) in the image.

I'm free to choose OS, programming and hardware. My own preferences would be a combination of Java and C++ on a Linux PC.

I have tried a few different scanner libraries I have found on the web. The best I have so far i Softek. However, it has an average scan time of 22 ms, so I need something a little better.

I don't know much about this, but in my opinion something like Cuda or OpenCL would be the ideal to implement a barcode scanner.

Are the any of you experts out there, who knows of a good, precise and fast barcode scanner library?

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I don't know if opencl is what you need specifically. How many bar codes are you going to read at the same time? opencl works best on large amounts of data.

I recommend looking into opencv for this sort of thing. If you have many codes to scan at once, maybe opencv data can be fed into an opencl kernel. There are other SO questions related to bar code reading, opencv and java.

How to read a EAN-13 bar-code from an image in C?

Java OpenCV Bindings

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