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I try to tell rails 3.2 that it should render JSON by default, and kick HTML completely like this:

respond_to :json    

def index
  @clients = Client.all
  respond_with @clients

With this syntax, I have to add .json to the URL. How can I achieve it?

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You can modify your routes.rb files to specify the default format


resources :clients, defaults: {format: :json}

This will modify the default response format for your entire clients_controller

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thank you, that's what i was looking for! – Tronic May 21 '12 at 9:13
Can this be added globally for all resources? – shredding Oct 31 '13 at 9:14
To add default format to all resources, declare resources in a defaults block: defaults format: 'json' {resources :clients; resources :products}. – Tony - Nov 11 '14 at 21:42
is this compatible with newer rails version ? I add the line you mentiond but it still render HTML. could you please explain me how can I do this sir ? thanks – charith Mar 24 '15 at 14:33

If you don't need RESTful responding in your index action then simply render your xml response directly:

def index
  render json: Client.all
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i need restful responding. but thank you anyway! – Tronic May 21 '12 at 9:12
@Tronic Maybe I didn't understand you correctly. I thought your action index shouldn't respond to html at all and you want it to respond to json even w/o .json in your url. – jdoe May 21 '12 at 9:21
this is a valuable alternative to @rogeilog 's answer for those who don't want to override the default response for ALL of their controller, but just for a certain action – mmcrae Feb 23 '15 at 16:04

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