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I'm trying to checkout svn repository through git, in git extensions app, on the input screen I specify an http url for the svn repo, and an authors file that map my svn user to the git user. I get stuck on "Authentication realm: Subversion Repository"

What did I miss?

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did you find the answer? –  Rohit Nov 18 '12 at 9:35

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Double check the user name and password, and eventually the repository URL, that you are using. I had Authentication realm: problem, because IT admin had changed the password of the svn user.

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I have been bashing my head for this for a while but found out the reason ,

if you have a secured svn repository you should use

$ svn2git http://svn.example.com/path/to/repo --username <<user_with_perms>>

yet this doesn't ask you for a password unless you hit "Enter".(and of course it doesn't give you any instructions to do so)

For my case we had a non standard structured repo so i used ;

$ svn2git http://svn.example.com/path/to/repo --username <<user_with_perms>> --rootistrunk  -v

--verbose or -v does really help btw

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Looks like Git Extensions's GUI lacks getting updated SVN credentials. Just run svn rebase from the command line:

Tools -> Git bash

$ git svn rebase

Here you can enter updated password.

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