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I want to play a smooth streaming (.ims) file with smooth streaming sample player on my local machine on which i don't have server.

I read that you should give a url of the file in the InitParams param section in the html of the player. I tried with URL like file://localhost/D:/SmoothStreamin/A_MSS_1280_720p_24fps_200kbps/A_MSS_1280_720p_24fps_200kbps.ism but it didnt worked.

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Ok, I'll just grab my crystal ball and divine the solution. Maybe I should stock up on tea leaves, too, while I'm at it. In the meantime, maybe you could provide some code so the non-psychics out there can help solve your problem too. –  Polynomial May 21 '12 at 8:55

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file://localhost/D:/SmoothStreamin/A_MSS_1280_720p_24fps_200kbps/A_MSS_1280_720p_24fps_200kbps.ism /Manifest

dont forget the manifest part.

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