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when I press F1 on some .net keyword it takes me to the help for that keyword. I have a .net library with its documentation. I am using this library.How can I get to the library help with F1 when I press F1 on some function from this library?

in general how can we merge the local documentation with the .net documentation?

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Take a look at Sandcastle Help File Builder, which can generate a Help 1 (.chm) file, an MS Help 2 (.HxS) file, MS Help Viewer (.mshc), and/or a website.

The HTML Help 2.x output includes a valid set of collection files and an H2Reg.exe configuration file to simplify deployment and integration of the help file into existing collections such as those used by Visual Studio.

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Are you sure you need that? The normal way is to provide contextual help for your libraries with intellisense, generating the xml files.

See this and this related entries.


What's the XML file that comes together with a .NET assembly file?


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The IntelliSense feature in Visual Studio only presents a small subset of the documentation which the XML file may include - basically limited to the <summary> and <param> tags. The <kbd>F1</kbd> integration is used for displaying the extended information for any type/member in the .NET Framework, so for consistency it is nice to support your own SDK documentation in the same manner. –  Sam Harwell Aug 12 '13 at 12:47

Unless that library provides Help 2/3 files, you won't be able to achieve that,



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