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I'm busy developing an app using Dreamweaver CS5.5. Worth saying here that I'm working on a PC regrettably, not a mac. I've added and configured my Android SDK and set it up with Dreamweaver etc.

When I go to Site>Mobile Applications>Build and Emulate>Android Dreamweaver goes ahead and launches the emulator but does not launch my application. Nor does it have the application "installed" on the emulator. I found some info here that then in turn pointed me here and I followed the instructions to the T. I most definitely get the same error in my build log that suggests that I'm using the latest Android SDK (And I am). I edited the build.xml file and all that but it didn't fix my problem.

Anyone out there that might have another solution that might work? Please don't hesitate telling me if you need more information. Thanks!

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I disagree that it was worth saying you're working on a PC, but this article should help you sort your issue out -

Of course. The real issue is that the CS5.5 abomination with its so called 'Easy Install' Android SDK and clunky emulator has never worked for the majority of folks, and Adobe don't care.

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