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I have a product order page where the minimum order is 2500. I want to use the Range annotation validation in the model to validate this, but I also need the user to be able to select 0 of this product if they don't want any.

Now I use:

[Display(Name = "Item1")]
[Range(1000, int.MaxValue, ErrorMessage = "You need to order minimum {1} of Item1")]
public int OrderedItem1{ get; set; }

Is there an easy way to accomplish this without creating a custom validator?

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Yes, you could use the regular expression validation attribute.

[RegularExpression(@"SomeRegExpression", ErrorMessage = "Min order error")]
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I found out that I could do this using this regular expression validation attribute:

[RegularExpression(@"^(?:0|\d{5,}|[1-9]\d\d\d)$", ErrorMessage = "You need to order minimum 1000 of Item1")]

Thanks to Ryand Johnson for helping out.

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