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i got the trouble with this JSF. I like to call the action method first and then like to call the JavaScript OnClick Event.

<input value="Select" jsfc="ft:commandButton" style="width: 70px;" type="button" onclick="setReturnValues(this,'memId');" action="#{eem1001.EEM1001FormBean.memberChange(line.memId)}"/>

But JavaScript OnClick Event is call before action method.

How can i call action method before JavaScript OnClick Event.

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For that you can call action method on mouseDown event and then on mouseUp event you can call your 2nd method setReturnValues(this,'memId').

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You can call your desired method on body part. Like this

<body onload="methodName()" >
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If it is possible for you to use JBoss Richfaces, you can add a4j:support to your button and with its oncomplete attribute you can call your javascript setReturnValues(this,'memId') after actual action eem1001.EEM1001FormBean.memberChange(line.memId) Like:

<input value="Select" jsfc="ft:commandButton" style="width: 70px;" type="button" >
  <a4j:support event="onclick" 
    disableDefault="true" />
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