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I want to separate UI from program logic and therefore introduce a DoubleClick Command for a DataGridRow. I managed to enable my DataGrid to execute Commands when a row is double clicked. In xaml, I can now use my DataGrid like this:

<DataGrid h:Commands.DataGridRowDoubleClickCommand="{Binding SomeCommand}">

The technique is similar to this post.

Double clicking a row now executes the command. Now, I want to have an event handler for a DataGridRow that opens a new Window via ShowDialog().

Problem now: the event handler is executed before the command. Is there any way to change the order of Handlers in events like MouseDoubleClick?

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Why do you split the doubleclick logic for one and the same control? Is there any necessity? – csteinmueller May 21 '12 at 9:26
In the event handler, I just want to open a new window. This is just ui logic. In the command, ViewModels should be modified, so the window can use them as DataContext later. – Michael Hilus May 21 '12 at 9:48

In my opinion opening a dialog with warning / info / data is part of the program logic. Manipulating the ui in an event handler is UI logic, but not showing informations.

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