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i'm writing a library (using libtools), where all the API documentation is done using doxygen.

i wonder whether there is an easy way to integrate the installation of the generated doxygen documentation into autotools.

i figure that building the documentation should be easy enough. but once i ran doxygen, what is the proper way to get the generated (e.g.) .html files into $(htmldir)?

the problem seems to be that i don't know (nor do i want to know) which files doxygen is going to create for me, so i cannot really enumerate them all into html_DATA

i figure something like 'html_DATA=html/*.*' is a bad idea

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While I do not have much experience with autotools myself, several suggestions are made on this mail thread which may be of use:

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thanks for the hints. the suggestions in your code seem to be equivalent to my "html_DATA=html/*.*", so it seems i was on the "right" track from the beginning. – umläute May 31 '12 at 19:18

I use the macro of Oren Ben-Kiki, see or Google it. The script creates the doxygen documentation in PDF/HTML/man (configurable) format.

Add your generated help files to the *dist_doc_DATA* list in, to have them installed.

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