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am new to JPA and am able to get it quickly, I had been trying a select query using "IN" operator in the query and had been getting the error as down. What I do is, i get a array of (long) message ids from a function and i use it to select the record based on those ids. Here is my query

select t from MessageTable t where t.messageId IN (:id)  
query.setParameter("id", id);

I had just shown you part of the code, in entity messageId is long and in Oracle DB its number. When i try as just as long variable it works, it doesn't seem to work when i pass long array. Had any one come across such a problem can some one help out. This is the error

14:24:49,428 INFO [LongType] could not bind value '[J@14f76da' to parameter: 1; [J cannot be cast to java.lang.Long

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Arrays Long[] and long[] are not valid types of arguments for IN when you want to check against long/Long - only following are:

  • Long
  • long and
  • List<Long>

If you want to stick with JPA and not use org.Hibernate.Query.setParameterList suggested by Kshitij, you have to convert your argument to List<Long>.

Conversion is easily done, either by rolling your own or for example with help of ArrayUtil:

long[] id = {1L, 2L};
Long[] longs = ArrayUtils.toObject(id);
List<Long> list = Arrays.asList(longs);
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Yeap, i passed it as List and it worked. Thanks. – Bash May 22 '12 at 10:26
The API allows you to pass Collection<T>, so it will work with Set<Long> and other Collection subtypes, not just List<Long> – tzimnoch Feb 21 at 1:18

try this:

query.setParameterList("id", ids);
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Thanks, I Had to as it as List. – Bash May 22 '12 at 10:26

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