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I use the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio to deploy a CloudFormation stack. I have to create a stack template file or choose a sample template.

Which sample template suits asp.net ?

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The AWS CloudFormation Sample Templates recently gained dedicated Microsoft Windows Server templates, amongst these the Windows_Roles_And_Features.template, which is a fairly generic one to Create a single server specifying server roles running on Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2.

If you inspect the template, you'll see all roles and features available for selection during stack creation/deployment:

Roles: A SPACE seperated list of roles that you want to enable on this instance. Valid values are AD-Certificate, AD-Domain-Services, ADLDS, DHCP, DNS, Fax, File-Services, NPAS, Print-Services, Web-Server, and WDS. [...]

Features: A SPACE seperated list of features that you want to enable on this instance. Valid values are NET-Framework, BITS, BitLocker, BranchCache, CMAK, Desktop-Experience, DAMC, Failover-Clustering, GPMC, Ink-Handwriting, Internet-Print-Client, ISNS, LPR-Port-Monitor, MSMQ, Multipath-IO, NLB, PNRP, qWave, Remote-Assistance, RDC, RPC-over-HTTP-Proxy, Simple-TCPIP, SMTP-Server, SNMP-Services, Storage-Mgr-SANS, Subsystem-UNIX-Apps, Telnet-Client, Telnet-Server, TFTP-Client, Biometric-Framework, Windows-Internal-DB, PowerShell-ISE, Backup-Features, Migration, WSRM, TIFF-IFilter, WinRM-IIS-Ext, WINS-Server, Wireless-Networking, and XPS-Viewer. [...]

That should be all you need to pick and go - good luck!

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Thank you steffen.What i want is to deploy a websites into multiple instance(three instances +laod balancing ).What are the roles?do you have a doc link?it's not security groups? – user594166 May 21 '12 at 10:31
"error creating stack requires capabilities [capability_iam]" i try to create the stack but it displays this message. – user594166 May 21 '12 at 10:44
I'm afraid the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio (surprisingly) still lacks support for the CAPABILITY_IAM flag - it should offer a checkbox like the AWS Management Console (I acknowledge that this template may create IAM resources); this is a security measure to ensure you trust the source of the template since IAM resources [...] control access to your AWS resources, see Controlling User Access With AWS Identity and Access Management for details. – Steffen Opel May 21 '12 at 12:07

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