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Please help me to get me better understanding on the below issue.

if [ ! -e /mnt/mstate/$node/$file ] ; then
    newdir=$(dirname /mnt/mstate/$node/$file)
    mkdir -p $newdir
    cp -a $file $newdir
    if [ $? != 0 ] ; then
        echo "Unable to copy $file to /mnt/mstate/$node"
        exit 1

In the above snippet of shell script,I am trying to copy the contents present in $file in to the $newdir,but it is failing only while copying some files.It displays below errors when trying to copy.

cp: will not create hard link `/mnt/mstate/SE10-1//var/opt/nokiasiemens/SS_PM9/storage/ne3s/measurement_repository' to directory `/mnt/mstate/SE10-1//var/opt/nokiasiemens/ftp/ne3suser/repository'
cp: will not create hard link `/mnt/mstate/SE10-1//var/opt/nokiasiemens/SS_PM9/storage/ne3s/measurement_schedule' to directory `/mnt/mstate/SE10-1//var/opt/nokiasiemens/ftp/ne3suser/schedules'
cp: will not create hard link `/mnt/mstate/SE10-1//var/opt/nokiasiemens/SS_PM9/storage/results' to directory `/mnt/mstate/SE10-1//var/opt/nokiasiemens/ftp/ne3suser/results'

Can any one please help me to get out of this.

Thanks in advance.


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You using a netapp NFS server? this error seems to occur on these servers on occasion. –  Petesh May 21 '12 at 10:07
Hi, You are absolutely correct.This error is ocassional,when I try to copy the same second time,it is succeeded. –  Mahi May 21 '12 at 10:12
1) It is much cleaner to write this code without explicit reference to $?: if ! cp -a ... ; then ...; fi 2) There is really no need to emit an error message. cp emits the error, and the additional error text is mostly noise (especially if you emit it to the wrong error stream!) –  William Pursell May 21 '12 at 14:40

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