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In /vendor/assets/stylesheets/jquery_ui/images are all images from jQuery-UI library. On localhost works me everything well, but when I deploy app (Rails 3.2) to heroku, so there are not displayed any of images placed in the vendor directory.

I tried placed these images to the /public directory, /app/assets/ directory, also run the command rake assets:precompile, but nothing works me.

jQuery running on Heroku well, but its images still not.

What am I still missing? I have already not idea, what to try yet...

Thank you

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are you sure the precompiled assets have been added and pushed to heroku with git commit? –  jordanandree Sep 8 '12 at 22:09

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You can check the image path which is created after parsing using inspect element. the path is not properly created obviously.

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