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string patname ="enter pat name";
patname = "text";
patname = " text pat";

Hi, I want to search "pat" in the above statement using regular expression of visual studio. I tried using Pat{([^a-zA-Z]|$)} this , but it will also search the 2nd line which i really don't want. I want pat to be search inside a string value which starts from " follwoed by any char and then "pat". I mean pat can come anywhere ,i.e. either in start,middle or end.

does somebody hav idea how to do tht?

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Code such as [string s = "some text " + patname + " other text";] will cause you problems also, as a simple regex will find " + patname + " and return true –  Patrick McDonald Jul 1 '09 at 10:35

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So you want to look for "pat" in a string in your source code? There are some issues with that... in particular:

1: handling the quotes is awkward (to separate the literal part of the string as opposed to variables etc) - especially with 2 types of escaping; @"""" and "\""

2: in a verbatim string literal, pat could be on the next line but still in the string:

string s = @"abc
def pat ghi";

However, for a rough search, something like:


may help

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should be something like:


which . indicates wild char in regex, and .* means any number of occurence of any character

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How about using word boundaries?

In Visual Studio:


Re-reading your question you'll only want the 'pat' inside a string so


is probably a better expression.

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If I understood you correctly regex you are looking for is just simply


If you want whole line to be found use


To clarify: \b's mean word boundaries. If you want 'pat' to be a part of a word remove them.

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it doesn't work , i need to search pat inside a string value so i think search shud start somethign like \"[a-z][pat], but the problem is tht it doesn't seach the pat inside ("enter pat name")

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Why should it? \"[a-z][pat] means "quote followed by a single alpha, followed by any one of p/a/t". Which isn't what you mean, and isn't what you asked for in the original question. It also isn't clear which it" you are referring to here.. –  Marc Gravell Jul 1 '09 at 12:31

Try "[:a ]*<pat>[:a ]*".

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