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I would like to create an rack application for deployment of heroku to create some 301 redirects to other subdomains.

If the path would be carried over, it would be nice.

I started with the following code, but it isn't working:

require 'rack-force_domain'

use Rack::ForceDomain, ENV["DOMAIN"]

run lambda { |env| [200, {'Content-Type'=>'text/plain'},"Hello World!\n")] }
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I solved this problem by using sinatra finally. That's my

require 'sinatra'

get %r{(.*)} do
  redirect to("http://custom.domain#{params[:captures].first}"), 301

run Sinatra::Application
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Just did this and it was surprisingly simple:


source ''

ruby '2.0.0'

gem 'rack'
gem 'rack-rewrite'

require 'rack/rewrite'

use Rack::Rewrite do

run lambda { |env| [200, {'Content-Type'=>'text/plain'},"Nothing Here!\n")] }

Anything that doesn't match your redirect rules will just return a 200 with text "Nothing Here!"

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Take a look at rack-rewrite -, it has an example for what you want to achieve.

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That's how my looks like now. require 'rack/rewrite' use Rack::Rewrite do r301 %r{.*}, '$&'; end Heroku logs reports: Unexpected error while processing request: missing run or map statement – rriemann May 21 '12 at 16:24

I adapted the answer by @rriemann a bit. I found that I want the full path to be redirected including params. Also, isn't interpolating a user supplied string like that dangerous? This works for me:

require 'sinatra'

get "*" do
  redirect to("http://custom.domain" + request.fullpath), 301

run Sinatra::Application

Also, here is a github link to my implementation in case anyone wants it.

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