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How to comment multiple lines of code/block of code in VB?

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VB doesn't have such a construct at the language level. It has single line comments using apostrophe character:

' hello world
' this is a comment
Rem this is also a comment

However, Visual Studio has a functionality to automate this task. Select the lines you want and press Ctrl-K, Ctrl-C for commenting and Ctrl-K, Ctrl-U for uncommenting (General Development Settings shortcuts, look at the "Edit -> Advanced" menu while selecting some code to see the shortcuts).

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Kewl! VS2010 does not have "Edit > Advanced", so the Ctrl-K shortcuts you gave are new to me :) – pepoluan May 12 '11 at 5:27

Totally abusing compiler directives here... but:

#If False Then
#End If

You don't get the benefits of proper code coloration (it doesn't show in green when using the default color scheme) and the implicit line-continuation system automatically indents lines in a paragraph starting at the second line. But the compiler will ignore the text.

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i'm using this. – Sharky Mar 15 '14 at 10:26

The other answers explain how to comment/uncomment automatically in VB.NET. Just for completeness, in VB6 use these toolbar buttons: alt text. More details here.

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To comment out a big section of code you highlight the code you want to comment out, then you hit ctrl+K, then hit ctrl+C. To un-comment a block of commented code you hit ctrl+K, then hit ctrl+U.

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In the vb++ you can comment the blocks of the comment with:

CommentStart==>Type your comment and on many of the lines<==CommentEnd+/inc.

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in VS2010 VB.NET, type 3 times ' above a class/function/property/declaration

then it will auto generate a comment block :

''' <summary>
''' GRP Business partner ID
''' </summary>
''' <value></value>
''' <returns></returns>
''' <remarks></remarks>

same thing in C# but type 3 times /

/// <summary>
/// </summary>
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install MZ-Tools and you can use ctrl-shift-c to comment code blocks and ctrl-shurt-u to uncomment code blocks

you can also define your own key-combinations


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Here is a cludgy way to make a multiline comment which is also collapsible.

    If <![CDATA[ Multiline comment about this and that

Comment about this 
and that and so on
with lots of lines

    ]]> Is Nothing Then : End If

It looks like this when you collapse it

If <![CDATA[ Multiline comment about this and that ...  Is Nothing Then : End If
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Select the lines that you want to comment.

Press Ctrl+K+C in Visual Studio. It will help you to comment multiple lines at once.

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