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I have a GridView that shows information from a building. I am loading the information into the GridView from a database like this:

var buildings = (from t in dc.Towns
                         where (t.userid == userid) && (t.time < DateTime.Now) 
                         join b in dc.Buildings
                             on t.buildingid equals b.buildingid
                             into j1
                         from j2 in j1.DefaultIfEmpty()
                         group j2 by j2.buildingname
                         into grouped
                         select new
                                        Building= grouped.Key,
                                        Picture= grouped.First().imagePath,
                                        Number= grouped.Count()
        gvBuildings.DataSource = buildings.ToList();

But I can't display the image, it only shows the path where its saved. How can I display the image from the path in the GridView?

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You have to have column type that can display image, use Image Field and set DataImageUrlField property with that URL, look here for details:

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Try loading the images as Image objects with Image.FromFile(string path) and put them into your binding data in place of the path.


                 select new
                                Building= grouped.Key,
                                Picture= Image.FromFile(grouped.First().imagePath),
                                Number= grouped.Count()

You'll need some error handling, of course, and I'd also recommend separating your data access code from your display logic, rather than having it all in one method.

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I can not use Image.FromFile. The only option is Image.DisabledCssClass. – Twistar May 21 '12 at 11:24

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