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I'm trying to install the mapsforge-mapwriter-plugin for osmosis but I cant get it working.

I tryed the normal shellbased version and the Ways that are mentioned on the page: "http://code.google.com/p/mapsforge/wiki/GettingStartedMapWriter", but no way worked at my PC.

Neither does a directory called Application Data exists on my Hard Drive, Nor do i get the line: "2. Copy the downloaded plugin to subdirectory plugins in the current directory" which sould the current directory be in this scenario, the folder were i extractet osm or doesnt the actual folder mether.

Nor does the third way work, probably i do something wrong, i extracted the MapWriter.jar in the osmosis-folder, one time to the subfolder plugins(which i had to create manualy), one time to the osmosis/bin-folder and one in the osmosis-folder it self.

But the result is always the same: Errors. in the second case, osmosis does not know the plugin and says always, command --mw unknown.

In the third case when I type in: C:\usertemp\Map\osmosis-0.40.1\bin>osmosis -plugin org.mapsforge.mapwriter.osmosis.MapFileWriterPluginLoader it says unable to load plugin class ...

I look forward to possible advices, because i really dont know how to get the plugin working

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I also tried various ways, but the only one that made Osmosis plugin run was after doing the following:

Put the plugin jar into the $OSMOSIS_HOME/lib/default directory and add the org.openstreetmap.osmosis.plugin.elasticsearch.elasticsearchWriterPluginLoader (full namespace of your plugin loader) line into the $OSMOSIS_HOME/config/osmosis-plugins.conf file (create it if necessary).

-- Procedure extracted from the elasticsearch-osmosis-plugin's README

You can also edit the $OSMOSIS_HOME/config/plexus.conf and add it a line such as load ${app.home}/lib/plugins/*.jar with ${app.home}/lib/plugins/ directory containing your plugin.

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This worked, except this is the line that needs to go in $OSMOSIS_HOME/config/osmosis-plugins.conf: org.mapsforge.map.writer.osmosis.MapFileWriterPluginLoader –  jblack Aug 2 '14 at 23:41

Just tried to follow the same procedure from http://code.google.com/p/mapsforge/wiki/GettingStartedMapWriter#Plugin_Installation, it really is screwed up a bit.

Putting mapsforge.jar into $OSMOSIS_HOME/lib/default did the trick however. Note that I did not use -plugin option, just copied the file and launched osmosis --read-xml ... --mapfile-writer file ...

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