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I am working on a small project with MVP implementation using Ajax, JQuery.

I implemented passive view MVP pattern and all presenters are connected from view by event handling.

The scenario is displaying a detail popup box from master list by clicking the link on master row.

I have to make an ajax call to display the detail list. Now my question is how can I make a call via Ajax from client side to invoke an event.

There are 2 scenarios in AJAX call that I know:

  1. Call Page Method: In this, How can I call a page method (this is static by default) which internally invoke a event in presenter? If I call a presenter method directly in my view then It is violating the MVP pattern.
  2. Call Web Service: How can I call a Web Service (Where it should be created?) how the presenter handle this service?

I googled so many sites but I couldn't find a right answer to implement.

Please clarify my questions and thanks for your support.

Thanks Kalyan P

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What I've done in an MVP framework I built was to use a web service, and that web service implements a presenter. So you call the web service, the web service fires an event to the presenter, the presenter responds to the model, and the web service returns anything within the model.

If I call a presenter method directly in my view then It is violating the MVP pattern.

It depends who you talk to; some are in favor of calling a method on the presenter, rather than using a view event (Jeremy Miller blogged about this, for one).

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