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how can I embed my app in my facebook page in a way as here:

I have attached the app to my page using the magic url:

and tried to open somehow the app within using the v parameter, but it seems it is not that. Can someone give me a clue? Thanks.

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Now you can add an application to a page in a page tab by going to below mentioned url

You need to change "app_id" with your app_id, you can find it in app settings, "Your_url" should be replaced with your application complete url for e.g. ""

after changing values press enter, If you are admin of any Facebook page then you will be taken to a screen where you can select the page, after completion of this step your app will be added to page tab.

For further clarification go to this link

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YOUR_URL should be replaced with your Canvas url. (The page that is being loaded into iframe on facebook)

APP_ID with id of the Page Tab application.

Explained also here

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