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I'm using a library that requires me to pass an Uri object as parameter.

Currently I'm doing this:

File file = new File(someFileDir, "test.pdf");

Note that the File object has the function toURI(). It returns an URI object.

Now my problem is that the function I call needs a Uri parameter, but it's complaining that I passed a URI object.

Aren't these things exactly the same? How can I output an Uri object? Or how do I convert URI to Uri?

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Just deal with it as a string, It's easier.

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Yup, was easier than I though it would be. Thanks! –  Pieter888 May 21 '12 at 11:54

you can use Uri.Builder() to create a Uri !

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For you information, URI seem to come from the JAVA language (, and Uri, from the Android SDK specificaly ( So I would advise you to use the "Uri" class...

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Aha, I didn't know that this was an Android related problem. At least now I know why there are two of them. –  Pieter888 May 21 '12 at 11:44

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