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I want to run hg status and display the changed files with full path?

Why? because I want to display changes to 3 different repositories and by default hg displays them relative to the repository root.

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Nothing in the hg status man page suggests Mercurial directly supports that.

How about a bit of sed magic?

$ pwd

$ hg st
A static/logo.png
M static/style.css
? temp.txt

$ hg st | sed -e "s~^\(.\) ~\1 ${PWD}/~g"
A /var/www/mysite/static/logo.png
M /var/www/mysite/static/style.css
? /var/www/mysite/temp.txt

You can use shell aliases (described in the manual) to make Mercurial do this instead of the regular hg st.

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