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I'm trying to scrape html code from websites in associative array. I tried it with Zend_Dom_Query.


<div class="job">
   <div class="jobTitle">
    <a href="http://website.com/Job-Title-1">Job-Title-1</a>
   <div class="company">
   <a href="http://website.com/Company-1">Company-1</a>
   <div class="city">
   <a href="http://website.com/City-1">City-1</a>
<div class="job">
    <div class="jobTitle">
    <a href="http://website.com/Job-Title-2">Job-Title-2</a>
    <div class="company">
       <a href="http://website.com/Company-2">Company-2</a>
   <div class="city">
      <a href="http://website.com/City-2">City-2</a>

How i get associative array from above html?

 $dom = new Zend_Dom_Query($html);
 $links = $dom->query('div.jobTitle a');
 $companies = $dom->query('div.company');
 $cities = $dom->query('div.city');

 //result needed
 $result_array = array( array( link => 'http://website.com/Job-Title-1', 
         Company => 'Company-1', 
         City => 'City-1'
      array( link => 'http://website.com/Job-Title-2', 
         Company => 'Company-2', 
         City => 'City-2'
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Zend_Dom_Query is just a wrapper around PHP's native DOM extension, so you have to use the DOM API to convert the DOMElements in the Zend_Dom_Query_Result to your array. –  Gordon May 21 '12 at 12:20

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    $dom=new Zend_Dom_Query($html);
    $links=$dom->query('div.jobTitle a');

    foreach ($links as $link){
           'link'=> $link->getAttribute('href'),
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