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I'm using Par (in linux) to get nice comments formatting quickly. The problem is that now I want to introduce comments that include some international characters, like áéíóú or äëïöü...

The program Berkeley Par considers these international characters as 2 ASCII characters (I believe) and it outputs the comments somehow broken because it doesn't count characters properly.

Did you face this problem before? Do you have any solution? Ideas?

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You mean the code from Add multibyte characters support in "par" (or just the patches applied to the original source) don't work for you?

Then maybe it is a problem with your shell or the font it uses. Are you sure the shell and font you use is able to reproduce unicode characters

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Thanks a lot!!!!!! This works. Is not the same as distributed in Gentoo Linux nor the one you can find in the original web page. – alvatar Jul 5 '09 at 20:20

Par, as distributed in Ubuntu from Hardy on, is supposed to handle multi-byte encodings.

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I've never even heard of this tool, but check out par 1.52.

The latest version of Par, released on 2001-Apr-29, tar'd and gzip'd. The only real change is better support for 8-bit character sets (as opposed to just 7-bit ASCII), but see also the release notes.

Edit: On the page, see par_1.52-i18n.3.diff.gz:

A patch by Jérôme Pouiller that adds support for multibyte charsets (like UTF-8), plus Debian packaging. Copied from See also his original announcement.

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This program is the same one I'm using, including version number. I don't know why sometimes is known as Berkley Par :) However, is not supporting it. Maybe is a gentoo linux problem building it? :S – alvatar Jul 4 '09 at 11:13
Actually compiling this version doesn't work right with the UTF-8 characters either... – alvatar Jul 4 '09 at 11:18

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