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I am looking for a way to get the version of MSAccess that was used to create a MDB file.

Any (tools, .bat, c#) suggestions appreciated.


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I stumbled on (…) link. With what has been explained, one could create a small executable which can give the version. – Narayanan May 21 '12 at 12:40

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From VBA code, you could inspect the FileFormat property to determine the format version of your MDB file. It will return a value from the Access.AcFileFormat class.

I used this in the Immediate window with an MDB created as Access 2002-2003 format.

? CurrentProject.FileFormat = acFileFormatAccess2002 

Notice however that doesn't say anything about the version of Access which was used to create the MDB. I created it using Access 2007:

? Access.Version

As far as I'm aware, the version of Access used to create an MDB does not get stored anywhere within the MDB file. And you could create an MDB by another method, such as with VBScript, which doesn't require an Access application instance to be running or even require Access to be installed.

Perhaps if you give us more information about why you want to know which Access version was used to create your MDB, someone can offer a workaround.

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