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CvPoint _pointsArray[5];
float _g_alpha;
float _g_beta;
float _g_gamma;
_g_alpha = 0.78f;
_g_beta = 0.28f;
_g_gamma = 0.32f;
_criteria.type = CV_TERMCRIT_ITER;
_pointsArray[0].x =1;
_pointsArray[0].y =1;
_pointsArray[1].x =1;
_pointsArray[1].y =1;
_pointsArray[2].x =1;
_pointsArray[2].y =1;
_pointsArray[3].x =1;
_pointsArray[3].y =1;
_pointsArray[4].x =1;
_pointsArray[4].y =1;
IplImage* temp;
temp = _inImage->getIplImage();

the above code always give me this error

OpenCV Error: Assertion failed ((icvSnake8uC1R( data, step, size, points, length, alpha, beta, gamma, coeffUsage, win, criteria, calcGradient ? 2 : 1 )) >= 0) in unknown function, file .\src\snakes.cpp, line 425

anyone knows what is the reason for this ?????


solved thanks. the problem was that the win had an even size not odd size !

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Thanks! That helped. I had the same problem. – roho Jan 8 '13 at 14:06
@ahmed :: can you tell me how to use cvSnakeImage()..If possible can you kindly answer my question in this link – santiago_apr1 Mar 16 '13 at 6:20

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