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I manage a facebook page for a local club and we obviously want to use it to share photos of events we've done.

I'm trying upload an album, is there a way I can protect the photos so only people who like the page can see them?

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In your title you said "public page" and in your question you mentioned a "group". The answer to this would be different depending on if you are using a Facebook page, or a Facebook Group.

If you are using a Group format you should be able to restrict who can view your posts, so that group members can see them only.

However, if you are using a Fan Page format on Facebook I don't think you can restrict who can view them. I believe that all fan page content is public, and I don't think you can restrict this.

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Thanks, I was asking about pages and have updated to clarify –  Liath May 21 '12 at 8:45

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