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I'm attempting to archive this effect:

I want to make an application which is all built into the same "window". There will be a menu bar, but when I click an option, instead of opening a new window I want a part of the first window to change to the new "view".

I'm using the Netbeans built in GUI designer, and I all I can seem to make are JFrames which result in different windows.

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You should take a look at CardLayout which lets you have JPanels that get switched out like cards. (Essentially, each "sub window" is a different JPanel that gets set as the visible one when it's selected.

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You can use JPanel for this purpose. Make one that holds other JPanels, and shift between them when you need to, like so:


Or utilize CardLayout as it allows quick swapping and is essentially built for that purpose, hence the name.

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