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I'm working on an evaluation system for students. I want to change the grade of the student when the teacher clicks on it. I have 2 "grade" images that I switch between like that: "A" , after click "B" ... & so on. I now use a function that achieves this task, as follows:

  function ChangeClass(object) 

            var objectClass = $(object).attr('class');

        if (objectClass == 'zero') {


        else if (objectClass == 'one') 

        else if (objectClass == 'two') {

But I don't like this solution, I guess there might be something easier in Jquery or something to change the buttons shape, or switch images with. If you have any ideas, please share them =)

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Try this:

var classes = ["zero", "one", "two"],
    i = classes.indexOf(object.className);
object.className = classes[(i + 1) % classes.length];

There's no need of jQuery, but keep in mind that indexOf for arrays isn't supported by IE8 and lower, and it must be emulated.

I'm assuming that object is a valid DOM element.

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IF you want to use jquery working in all browsers you can use it:

       var max = 3; //total button or button class
       function ChangeClass(object){
                              var i = $(object).split('_')[1]; //this will explode 1 from className_1
                              var a = "className_" + i; // instead of zero, one, two use className_1, className_2, className_3
                              var b = (i+1) % max;
                              b = "className_" + b;
                              var x = "." + a;

You can use this solution for any number of buttons, not only for 3 buttons-zero, one, two. I hope this will help !

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