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I want to ask if anyone knows how to build XML files that can be used in Build Forge as an adaptor, what I mean is if there is any reference on how to write this type of XML files, and how this XML file deals with the varaibles because sometimes I can see that there are some ocurrences of this pattern ($1, $2 ... etc), I do not know what those patterns refers to...

Appreciate your help and thank you...

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This one has got an ok reference!… In general, working with BuildForge is not that easy as their syntax does not seem to be comprehensive enough and somewhat non-standard. If I had a choice to pick a CI tool, BuildForge would definitely not be the one I pick as there are so much wrong with how it's implemented. – Greenish Mar 4 '15 at 19:15
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Unfortunately, the documentation included with the Build Forge application isn't the most complete. I often have to use their online documentation.

You are most likely looking at the Command or ResultBlock section of the adaptor.

IBM Build Forge adaptors use Perl syntax inside the XML.

I would suggest watching this video IBM posted online.

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