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When should you call ReleaseDesignerOutlets for a custom storyboard UI class when it's not a UIViewController and therefore doesn't have a ViewDidUnload method?

Fx. I have a custom UITableViewCell class, and want to release my outlets. I can see there is a protected void Dispose(bool disposing) method, but can't figure out if overriding this method is the correct way of doing it.

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As fas as I know you don't have to handle the dispose or release of the UITableViewCell. The dispose is already called after the creation of the cell, even if it's still displayed. The tableview is automatically releasing cells when there's memory required (if you don't make static assignments) and you can reload existing cells with the method tableView.DequeueReusableCell ("MyCustomCell") in the GetCell method of your UITableViewSource. –  Tim Brand Mar 22 '13 at 21:43

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In absence of ViewDidUnload I'm releasing my outlets when my view controller is removed from the navigation stack. Which will only work when using a NavigationController or with PresentViewController. Parent will be null in that case.

public override void DidMoveToParentViewController(UIViewController parent)

  if(parent == null && cleanupOnNavigationStackRemoval)

protected void Cleanup()

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