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today I got a strange problem while trying to call a batch file from Eclipse IDE.

The setting for a normal user is:

  • Call a .bat file
  • This sets some environment variables
  • And calls a Eclipse RCP application

The setting for my program is:

  • Call the same .bat file via Runtime.exec()

When calling it as normal user, all works well, the RCP gets started.

When calling it within Eclipse IDE via Runtime.exec() I get an error message complaining that Program Files\jre6\bin\server\jvm.dll could not be found (although it is there).

When exporting my program as an executable .jar file, it works well like I would click on the .bat myself.

What is the difference? (Operating system is Win7)

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Verify your java build path in elipse –  Vijay Shanker May 21 '12 at 13:57

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In Eclipse,

  • Right click on the project and click "Properties".
  • Select "Java Build Path".
  • Select "Libraries" tab.
  • Select "JRE System Library" and click "Edit".

Check if the System Library points to a valid JDK installation(not JRE). If it doesn't point to a valid JDK installation.

  • Select "Alternate JRE" and click on "Installed JREs"
  • Click on Add, point to valid JDK installation and click OK.
  • In "Alternate JRE" drop down, select the newly added valid JDK and click Finish.

Run the program and check.

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tried it with different installed jdks but no effect. Independent from the defined JDK it always complains about the missing jre6/server/jvm.dll ... it seems to be hidden in the RCP (unfortunately unchangeable). Therefore it's even more confusing to me. –  Schwoabaseggele May 21 '12 at 15:15

Ok got it.

It seems to be a specific problem of Eclipse 3.7.

After installing 4.2 all works perfectly well.

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