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I know the system() function but that creates it's own environment so every variable set here isn't forwarded to main console. I wonder is it possible to send command as it would be written by the user or as it would be executed by *.bat file ?

The reason I need this is that I look for a way to set env variable of parent CMD process. And yes I know that system doesn't want me to do it, but maybe there is a some workaround for that...

Idea is to create app that would set as a variable anything that is send to it via input pipe, like this:

echo Bob| setvar name

so then:

echo %name%

would produce Bob

The whole idea is to make easier setting a variable from any program output (I know how to do it with for command) with taking account of peculiarities with special batch characters like ^!% since these are allowed in file names. It would make simpler many cmd scripts.

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You can certainly run programs in the same console window as your program. That's the default behavior for CreateProcess. MSDN has more details on what happens between related processes sharing a console. You'll probably want to wait for the child process to terminate before continuing to run your own program.

However, that won't help with your real goal. The window where a program runs has absolutely nothing to do with the environment variables of any of its ancestor processes. You'll have to look elsewhere for a solution to your real problem.

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