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Hi I am trying to install the latest version of treectrl ( http://tktreectrl.sourceforge.net/ ) however if i run teacup install file://C:/tktreeunzipFolder it errors can't overwrite file.

THe file is a file in the temp folder which is generated by the script. What is the correct way to install a package from a directory/tar.gz with teacup?

(I would like to use the local version, since I want to use column headers in the new way of 2.4.1, since I expect the other method to become depreciated soon)

I would also like to know how to use a package with a precompiled part without installing it. I.e. are there any special steps I need to mkae the package accessible once I have the package file in a subdirectory of the skript I run. (I am not allowed to install packages on one machine but would like to use them anyhow in one script). Do I have to register the files (dll/so) somehow? (note I can't sudo on linux).

Adding the dll/package to a subdir of the workingdirectory yields the following error (under windows):

couldn't load library "Z:/files/tcl/encounterXtract/treectrl_win/treectrl24.dll": invalid argument while executing "load Z:/files/tcl/encounterXtract/treectrl_win/treectrl24.dll treectrl" ("package ifneeded treectrl 2.4.1" script) invoked from within "package require treectrl"


under linux/unix it is fine to just put the files in a subdirectory and add it to auto_path with lappend auto_path path_to_sub_dir

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Firstly, you have to run the command as a user that has permission to write to the local repository of installed packages. For Windows, that might require you to run the teacup install as administrator (NB, I'm not sure that the installation package for tktreectrl is called tktreectrl.dll; I suspect it's called something else but don't know what):

runas /user:administrator "teacup install C:\path\to\tktreectrl.dll"

However, the fact that the main teacup archive isn't carrying the treectrl 2.4.1 package is a problem all of its own. Have you tried dropping a line to the people at ActiveState?

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FWIW, I only use teacup update and teacup update-self –  Donal Fellows May 21 '12 at 15:50
i am running teacup from a tcl-shell as a user with almost full admin privileges (installing software, including tcl, from scratch works). I wonder what happens to the supplied pkgIndex.tcl file and the treectrl.tcl file that accompany the dll if I follow your instructions. Being able to put the dll in a subdir and load it from there would suffice for me. However if I try to do so I get the error added to the question. –  ted May 21 '12 at 16:17
i asked active state, thanks for the deep link, if you are interested: community.activestate.com/node/8689. ANd I think you know why teacup update does not work for me, the file is not in the repository for me –  ted May 22 '12 at 5:42

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